Common Life Themes

Why do you keep attracting

the same kinds of people,

experiences, jobs, bosses,

"friends", relationships, etc.?

Maybe your common life themes

can give some insight!



As you look back on your life, there are likely commonalities in the greatest and worst/not-so-great/most challenging chapters in your life.

With this Infinite Healing™ exercise, you’ll consciously assess and become aware of those similarities.

The goal is for you to discover what you most need to HEAL (so you stop attracting similar things) and become aware of what you WANT more of in your life (maybe it's something you're NOT aware of)!

Once you’re aware, you can take the steps to HEAL the negative and CREATE what you want!

This course will take you through the discovery process, teach you how to create what you want, and how to HEAL the negativity from those common chapters..


This course HEALS by using the Infinite Healing™ tools.

It's recommended that you are familiar with the tools prior to taking this course.

Visit https://www.staciefarnham.com/the-tools.html#/ and/or buy the Infinite Healing™ 101: The Basics of Infinite Healing™ Online Course for an in-depth education on the tools and/or buy the Infinite Healing™ Book .

3 Days Money Back Guarantee
This course includes:
  • 20 minutes on-demand video